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Makeup Release Calendar

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What are we all about!?

Our mission at Makeup FOMO is to keep YOU & all other makeup lovers up-to-date on any & all upcoming makeup & beauty product releases! Our Makeup Product Release Calendar features everything beauty you need to know all in one place – from exciting new launches to promotions to sales & even coupons! That way, you have access to everything you need to know at your finger tips & can strategize your purchases accordingly to avoid that dreaded FOMO.

How do we get all this info about upcoming makeup releases?

We currently cover 300+ makeup brands, ranging from high end to drugstore & everything in between. We stalk Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, blogs, & email subscriptions for each & every one of these brands to make sure this calendar is current at all times. Over time we hope to build relationships with these brands in order provide our subscribers with the BEST info about upcoming makeup product releases.

So how do I use this?

This is a standard google calendar, so each makeup release or sale is marked as an event on the date that it comes out. If you click on the bubbles, it’ll open to give you one or two possible links. When we’ve written an article on the product release, we have a link to the Makeup FOMO article. We don’t always have time to write about every release (we wish we did!) so some may not have article links. We also provide a direct link to the actual brand’s website, which may be an affiliate link (your girl’s gotta eat.. and pay for website costs). To support us & our continued efforts to keep the calendar up to date, we’d LOVE if you used these links prior to buying the products! Thank you in advance!

How can I help?

If you notice any release or big sale is missing from the calendar, feel free to message us on here, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!